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Colleen’s life informs her work

Colleen’s passion for cooking naturally flows into her amazing kitchen designs. So does her attention to detail. Colleen will incorporate design solutions and details into your kitchen that you didn’t even realize you needed: the best place to store your spices, how to access your favorite tools most easily, where to stash the cutting boards… the list is endless. Let her revive your kitchen with the sanity of efficient organization.

As a mom and pet owner, Colleen also understands the importance of durable design that not only looks great but also holds up to the rigors of daily life. From juice box mishaps to red wine spills, Colleen knows first-hand how important it is to select pieces and design spaces that will be as efficient and attractive twenty years from now as they are today. Additionally, she also knows how important it is to design spaces meant for time alone.

As a designer married to another designer, Colleen appreciates the importance of balance between different design styles, priorities, and needs. She will work with everyone in your household to find a solution that pleases and serves all of you.

“I love that moment when a client goes from nervous to thrilled when they see that the calculated risk we took has paid off with stunning results.”

A Letter from Colleen

My parents will definitely tell you that my career path started early. As a child, I created elaborately detailed habitats for my dolls. As a teenager, I spent my free time at estate sales, shopping for vintage photos to create a gallery wall in my bedroom. Other kids read Teen Beat. I read Metropolitan Home. While earning degrees in Urban Studies and Geography at Vassar, I devoured art history and architecture classes. I styled my dorm room with the latest color trends from Martha Stewart and vintage retro finds from NYC. Along the way, I also visited historic homes to study their architecture and decor. I still seek out unique designs whenever I travel, both in the U.S. and internationally.

I spent eight years in a career in urban planning. That gave me a great foundation for my next degree in Interior Design. Finally, my passion became my profession. I spent years building my expertise in kitchen and bath design, then founded Fox Interiors so I could offer clients design and remodeling services for their entire home.

As an active member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), I consider it my obligation to stay informed of the most current materials, trends, and construction techniques. I have been recognized for my years of contributions to our local chapter. I look forward to many more years of making my clients’ homes more comfortable, functional, and beautiful.