Deephaven Kitchen


Remodel Type: Kitchen
Design Style: Modern
Clients Favorite Part: Marble Counters

Before Conditions

  • Dated finishes
  • Low ceiling
  • Cramped footprint
  • Wasted space
  • Cabinetry that didn’t serve the homeowners’ functional needs

Design Solutions

  • Contemporary finishes that tie together the kitchen with the rest of the home
  • Ceiling raised to accommodates taller cabinets
  • Expanded footprint provides a great work zone by the stove
  • Cabinetry that’s designed to fi t their life


  • Pull-out magic corner cabinet
  • Pull-out spice rack by stove
  • Mail sorting and charging cabinet
  • Tray dividers for cookie sheets and platters next to the oven
  • Dividers for pot lids in roll out drawers next to the range
  • Bread box integrated into a drawer by the toaster
  • Plug mold outlets stay out of sight and allow for the soft gray backsplash tile to shine uninterrupted
  • Drywall return around window and marble sill eliminate the need for trim that would break up the wall


Remodel Type: Kitchen
Design Style: Modern
Clients Favorite Part: Marble Counters


“We brought Colleen into our remodel project late in the process, and her impact was immediate! She really helped us prioritize and guided us through the entire design process. Colleen helped turn a previously overwhelming process (who knew there were so many granite and tile options!?) into a manageable and fun experience. Her eye for color, her network of suppliers, her creativity and ideas, and her impressive technical lighting knowledge were all instrumental to the success of our project. We are delighted with the results and would highly recommend Colleen for any job – big or small. We look forward to working with her again in the future!”

– Becky & Al

About Colleen

I live in Minneapolis with my landscape architect/urban designer husband, my daughter who believes she’s my design assistant and sous chef, an independent Siamese, a feisty grey-striped kitten, and a menagerie of turkeys and other wild animals who visit our backyard for the free food. When I’m not designing, you’ll often find me cooking up a Paleo feast, cheering for my daughter's volleyball team, playing pickleball, or hiding in a corner with my nose in a book.